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Since 2002, Aims Digital has been focussed on training using technology. We have been involved in the development of a variety of learning courses and multimedia solutions.

Learning game design

Pokémon Go or Learning-on-the-go?

The most talked about words in the world of technology these days are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The concept of Virtual Reality was initiated for the video game industry. It can possibly be “the next big thing” in eLearning industry as well, but it seems that VR is a bit ahead of … Continue reading Pokémon Go or Learning-on-the-go?

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Infographic: 5 Instructional Design Mistakes You Can Avoid

Everybody makes mistakes… yes, even Instructional Designers View this infographic to know how to avoid making some common mistakes…

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Games People Play

Game-based learning and gamification both rely on the same thing. Both – either wholly or partially – rely on games to convey knowledge to learners. It focuses on the idea of learner engagement as an important tool to discreetly push knowledge, or test newly acquired knowledge. Having games in a learning module is a noble … Continue reading Games People Play

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