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Certificate Course in Instructional Design


Instructional Design is the foundation stone of learning – be it online or in the classroom, it’s essential to use the correct formula to connect with your audience and facilitate learning. It being the first step in the learning design process, you will – as an instructional designer – be responsible for the entire flow of content and the learning journey. To make learning design most effective, there are theories, principles and concepts that can contribute to a formidable learning experience.

This course is designed to help you learn how to present content better and make your learning content more user-friendly. It is aimed at focusing on efficiency of knowledge delivery, and to meeting desired learning outcomes more effectively.

How Is This Course Different from Any Other?

The main focus of this course is on practical application of theories, principles and best practices. This course explores the various nuances that go into enhancing learning experience, and it aims at providing a hands-on approach to improving learning design.

Who Can Benefit from This Course?

  • Instructional Designers
  • L&D/HR professionals
  • Trainers/teachers/professors/coaches
  • SMEs
  • Learning developers
  • Educationalists

…and anyone interested in learning design


This course is for anyone who is either into learning design or is planning to foray into it. If you are interested in knowing how learning happens, and learning how to make it happen better, this course is for you.

A digital certificate of completion will be awarded to attendees.

Prerequisites: None

Experience level: Any

Format: Virtual instructor-led (webinar series)

Duration: 9 hours total (6 x 1.5-hour sessions)

Course fee: USD 299


  • An introduction to learning and types of learning
  • Important and popular theories of learning development
  • Understanding learner attention
  • Approaches to learning
  • Applying theories and approaches to content creation
  • Engaging the learner
  • Evaluating learners – asking questions that matter
  • Getting familiar with development tools and learning management systems

Start date: Jun 20, 2020 07:30 PM IST / 10:00 AM ET

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Amit Sarkar
Learning Transformation Strategist @Aims Digital

Amit heads Instructional Design at Aims Digital, and has been involved with content for over 20 years. His proficiency lies in providing learning solutions and is focused on effective learning. Amit’s key competencies include client requirements and content analyses, curriculum design, defining instructional approaches, and guiding the learning design process.

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