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Since 2002, Aims Digital has been focussed on training using technology. We have been involved in the development of a variety of learning courses and multimedia solutions.

70:20:10 – Read Between the Numbers

Learning is a natural process. Anybody who has been a trainer or a student knows how much the mind can take in at a sitting and how long it retains it. Everybody’s learning curve and method is different. Yet, research and empirical data show that there is a certain rhythm to the way people imbibe … Continue reading 70:20:10 – Read Between the Numbers

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Games People Play

Game-based learning and gamification both rely on the same thing. Both – either wholly or partially – rely on games to convey knowledge to learners. It focuses on the idea of learner engagement as an important tool to discreetly push knowledge, or test newly acquired knowledge. Having games in a learning module is a noble … Continue reading Games People Play

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